SuperSTAR Leadership Online Training: A System to Transform Your Leadership Effectiveness

Aim for excellence and take someone with you. Leadership development is not for the faint of heart! With predictions of talent shortages in the near future, you need to work through the ups and downs of turning rough stones into polished gems and then learn how to hang onto them.

There are no shortcuts. Sometimes you just need the right system — a process that encourages consistency and follow-through at all levels of your management. Sometimes you need an objective opinion from an adviser, one who has seen the inside of more executive suites than a custodial service employee. Or perhaps, sometimes what is needed is a new feedback instrument.

People want to be great. Help them! There isn’t just one formula for developing leadership that sustains the growth and longevity that you desire for your company. A lot goes into expanding management skills and creating leadership that truly leads. WCW helps you bring all of the pieces together specific to your company’s management and leadership team. We help you plan it, launch it, measure it, and manage it.

About the SuperSTAR Leadership Online Training Series

The resources in the membership site are Rick and Doug’s most advanced secrets on how to accelerate performance for dramatic and sustainable business results (these are the same secrets Rick and Doug have used in their globally-recognized consulting business to develop leaders, improve employee engagement, achieve record-breaking sales, and increase customer retention). All video training sessions are interrelated, so that you can achieve higher performance for yourself and your organization. These concepts have helped us partner with our clients to achieve:

  • 52%, 75% and 122% sales improvements
  • 10-point gains on employee engagement
  • 4-6% uptick in transaction counts
  • 20% enhancement to customer loyalty
  • 60% reduction in customer complaints
  • 34 quality and service awards, including the JD Power and Ford President’s Award

  • The SuperSTAR Leadership Book – this will be shipped to you
  • The SuperSTAR Leadership Assessment
  • 12 supercharged leadership training videos
  • The SuperSTAR Leadership Workbook
  • Rick and Doug’s wisdom, support, coaching and inspiration. Remember, if you want your people to be better, you have to be better!

  • The 9 strategies of SuperSTAR leaders
  • How to coach others toward excellence
  • How to plan effectively and efficiently
  • How to motivate and inspire others to be their best
  • How to train like a professional trainer
  • How to lead others (as well as yourself) toward positive change
  • How to adapt and remain flexible in hard-to-manage situations
  • How to drive performance by engaging others effectively
  • How to remain dedicated and committed to continuous improvement
  • How to execute on all cylinders at all times
  • How to establish an environment that fosters collaborating and team building
  • How to hire top candidates and keep top performers

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Welcome to the SuperSTAR Leadership Online Training Series! We are dedicated to helping you achieve enormous success as a leader, with our proven techniques you can improve your leadership skills, learn how to motivate and inspire others to be their best and drive better performance.

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